AstroGrep v4.4.6
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
.Net Framework v4.0
Source Code

Download SVN information to get AstroGrep Source Code

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Project
.Net Framework v4.0


You can customize the language used in AstroGrep by placing a language xml file in the directory %appdata%\AstroGrep\Language or if using the portable version in the local directory under \Language.

Note: The file(s) you place under that directory will have to have unique culture values in order to be displayed in the language selection drop down list.

If you would like to help us translate AstroGrep into another language or have us adjust the current ones, please email us what language and the changes necessary.

Here are the most recent language files (you can use the English one as a basis for a new one):


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